Rejuvenating Shampoo Baths, Pet Haircuts, & Nail Trimming

Pamper your pet with complete grooming services from Maryland Mobile Grooming in Glen Burnie, Maryland. From shampoo baths to pet haircuts and nail trimming, we provide your pup with a refreshing clean that will leave them smelling and looking great.

Mobile Grooming

Our full-service groom is the basic package we provide for all breeds of dog. It includes a shampoo bath, blow-dry, brush-out, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and cologne spray. We have a number of shampoos for various skin and coat types, including soothing shampoos for skin irritations, deodorizing shampoos, and color-enhancing shampoos.

All pets are thoroughly hand-dried after bathing and receive a full-body brush out to remove tangles and dead hair. We provide haircuts for your pup during the process, from full body clips to the shave-down of your choice. We can perform all breed clips, including puppy and teddy bear trims. All pets also receive a nail trim during their groom, with dremel service available upon request.
If necessary, we'll pluck hairs from your pup's ears and thoroughly clean them. Unless you request otherwise, we will express your dog's anal glands to avoid infection. As the final step, your pet will be sprayed with a conditioning cologne to make their coats extra shiny and add a great smell (please let us know if you prefer we don't use cologne).

Special Packages

If you prefer to bathe your pet yourself, please understand we cannot significantly lower your grooming price for this. It is actually more difficult for us to groom your pet without bathing it, as the hair will not be clean and fluffed while we clip it. We can achieve much greater results if we bathe your pet as well.

We do offer nails-only services. If we have groomers in your area, we can arrange for nail trims between regular appointments.


We offer morning and afternoon appointments with the groomer of your choice seven days a week. If you'd like, we can place you on our permanent schedule at an interval of your choice to ensure your pet always looks great.

We ask that you be home at the time of your appointment. If it is your first appointment, we require that you show proof of your pet's vaccinations.

The only things we require are a fairly level place to park the van and access to a power outlet to plug in our extension cord. If immediate access is an issue, please let us know where we should park.

Contact us in Glen Burnie, Maryland, to take advantage of our grooming packages.

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